The Scope of Global's Services

At Global, we pride ourselves in the level of services we provide to our clients.

Fund Management

Global is specialized in Health and Welfare, Group, Legal, Benefit and Pension Fund Administration. We operate more efficiently and economically which ultimately provides a higher level of service to plan members.

The Scope

The scope of our services goes beyond administration, and we provide our clients with a full array of services to provide a single source for operating the business of the Trust Fund.

The Global Management Team

Global's in-house Actuaries and Global Management Team are constantly reviewing and advising Trustees and Plan Members of the ever-changing Pension, Health and Welfare, Group Legal environment.

Global Approach

We partner with our clients in order to provide customized services to customized needs:

  • Our service extends beyond benefit and pension administration
  • We partner with our clients to customize their plan designs to best meet the needs of the Membership
  • Whether preparing newsletters or delivering customized seminars for plan members, the Global Team is committed to a personalized approach
  • We work together with plan sponsors to help survey and monitor the plan members’ needs, in order to provide the most appropriate solutions
  • At Global we pride ourselves in the level of services we provide to our clients
We always work to provide our clients with the best plans:

  • Plans are most cost effective and within the clients budget
  • Plans that meet the needs of the Plan Members
  • Plans that develop a business strategy and fiscal responsibility, not just benefit provision

We always take a proactive, forward-thinking approach:

  • Constantly monitor industry trends
  • Keep abreast of economic and legislative changes
  • Embrace new technology that can enhance our services and benefit the members while at all times respecting and securing the members confidentiality, in keeping with the Person Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

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